Heartfil specializes in the design and delivery of corrosion control media and scrubbers providing clean air to improve process reliability by removing industrial gaseous contaminants. Our scrubbers provide this clean air to control rooms, motor control centers, stand-alone cabinets and other areas housing electronics and electrical equipment. Heartfil also provide scrubber solutions to protect the compressor inlet from damage caused by corrosive air.

You can prevent expenditures for new systems and lost revenue due to repairs and other downtime-related expenses.

We offer as follows:

Particulate filtration

    • Particulate filters protecting the Purafil gas-phase filters and targeted areas.

Gas-phase air filtration

    • We provide the original Purafil chemical filter materials for the removal of H2S, SO2, Cl2 and NOX. Our media shall perform effectively from 10-95% RH and pre-heating is not required.

Filter Equipment

    • We provide equipment based on Disposable modules (thin-bed) and Bulk (deep bed) principles. We offer specific solutions based on the corrosivity level of the environment.

Air Monitoring

    • We provide the original Purafil air quality monitoring devices such as coupons and OnGuard series.


    • The Heartfil Service department maintains the systems ensuring 24/7 clean air guarantee.
      We are equipped performing a Door Fan (integrity) testing indicating the air tightness or leakage of the targeted area.


  • We design our solutions based on pressurization and recirculation according to the
    ANSI/ISA Standard 71.04-2013.