Achieving the preventive conservation of cultural artifacts we provide filter systems and monitoring devices, which are aimed optimizing the environmental conditions in archives, museums and libraries. We remove dust, spores of fungi’s and gaseous contamination.

Heartfil is familiar with the Deltaplan for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and the subsequent laws and regulations. We cooperate with engineering consultants, contractors and end users to provide complete filtration systems and maintenance meeting today’s demands.

We offer as follows:

Dust and mold spores:

    • Filters using among others ionization principle (below O3 limits)

Gas-phase filtration:

    • We provide the original Purafil chemical filter materials for the removal of SO2, NOX ,O3, formaldehyde

Monitoring Instrumentation

    • We provide the original Purafil air quality monitoring devices such as coupons and OnGuard series


    • The Heartfil Service department maintains the systems ensuring 24/7 clean air guarantee.


  • We do assist designing system solutions meeting among others the 1995 Public Records Act.