Heartfil eliminates odorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mercaptans (R-SH) and amines (R-NH) coming from sewage collection and processing operations. With our chemical odor scrubbing, the equipment applied are small, subject to low maintenance and economical solutions allowing installation of multiple small units. This principle we call “Distributed Odour Control”.

With distributed odor control two words are important: “distribution” and “control.”
Distribution means that the odor is controlled at each individual source where odors emerge. Control means that the odor needs to be under control, but it does not mean that all odors need to be removed.

We offer as follows:

Filter systems

    • Drum scrubbers and other Deep Bed Scrubbers designed for airflows from 170 to 20,000 cfm.

Gas-phase filtration:

    • We provide the original Purafil chemical filter materials for the removal of H2S, R-SH and R-NH. Our media shall perform effectively from 10-95% RH and pre-heating is not required.

Monitoring Instrumentation

    • We provide monitoring devices such as coupons and OdaLog portable gas detector.


  • The Heartfil Service department maintains the systems ensuring 24/7 clean air guarantee.

Our systems can be installed in one day and immediate odor removal putting an end to odor complaints..