Heartfil provides customized solutions against corrosion caused by contaminant gases that are released during the main process steps in papermaking. We design, provide and maintain your air filtration systems based on pressurization and recirculation according to the ANSI/ISA Standard 71.04-2013.

Copper, silver, and gold are important functional materials found in many of the electrical/electronic devices in use in today’s pulp and paper mill control rooms. The reliability of these devices may be greatly affected by the presence of corrosive gases in the local environment. Even trace levels of gases such as H2S, SO2 and Cl2 can cause failures due to the formation of corrosion products in and on the circuitry and connectors of these devices. And due to the nature of the processes involved in paper manufacturing, it is almost a certainty that these devices will at sometime be exposed to corrosive gases.
Even compressors are at risk in this environment.

The negative effects of the corrosion of the copper and silver components of these devices include a loss of process efficiency, additional maintenance costs, expensive repairs and unplanned downtime.