Avoid corrosion in the Petrochemical Industry

Heartfil develops customized solutions meeting the needs of the Petrochemical Industry.
The processes involved in the Petrochemical production are generate quantities of Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide. In some of these processes, contaminant gases are released which, depending on their concentration, can cause corrosion damage to critical components.

Particularly at risk are sensitive areas such as switchgear, control rooms or process control systems. The negative effects of the corrosion of the copper and silver components of these devices include a loss of process efficiency, additional maintenance costs, expensive repairs and unplanned downtime.
Our solutions ensure reliable protection against corrosion resulting from the harmful gases released during the key process steps of petrochemicals. We design, provide and maintain your air filtration systems based on pressurization and recirculation according to the ANSI/ISA Standard 71.04-2013.