Positive Pressure

The Purafil Positive Pressure units are self-contained, air cleaning systems and designed to provide pressurization air, free of corrosive gases.


The Purafil Recirculation units are self-contained air purification systems designed to recirculate and clean the air within controlled environments.

Compressor Intake Filters

Purafil developed the Compressor Intake Filter system to eliminate serious air compressor problems such as vibration and lost efficiency by providing clean air, free of corrosive gases.

Information and media

Emergency Gas Scrubbers (EGS)

Instead of using toxic liquid caustic to neutralize gases, the EGS uses dry-scrubbing media. In a release, the air / Chlorine. Sulfurdioxide or ammonia mixture from the gas storage areas is drawn into the top of the scrubber and flows through the media bed and out the bottom to the blower. The blower discharges the toxic-free air to the outside atmosphere.

Odor Control Units

The Heartfil scrubbers using Purafil media are ideal for the removal of odorous
gases found at pump stations, lift stations, wet wells, force mains, and at the
wastewater treatment plant.

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