Facilities storing hazardous quantities of chlorine (Cl2), sulfur dioxide (SO2) or ammonia (NH3) must invest in emergency standby equipment to prevent accidental chemical releases.

Toxic gas is detected inside the room by an air monitoring sensor. The sensor activates a Control Panel which in turn activates a blower. The blower will completely remove the contents of the largest cylinder within 30 minutes and exhaust less than 25 parts per billion hazard-free air into the atmosphere.

Gas-phase air filtration

    • We provide the original Purafil chemical filter materials for the removal of NH3, SO2, Cl2. Our media have indefinite shelf life – if they are not used, you don’t need to replace them.

Filter Equipment

    • We provide emergency gas scrubbers (EGS) standby equipment to prevent accidental chemical releases. Our scrubbers require significantly less maintenance than wet scrubbers.


    • The Heartfil Service department can perform timely media life analysis ensuring that the media remains active and ready to use.


  • We can design our emergency gas scrubbers (EGS) based on local standards as well as the Uniform Fire Code (UFC). With over 200 Purafil toxic gas scrubber installations world-wide, you can trust Heartfil to protect your environment.